Gisele And Tom Brady Get Cuddly For Rio Carnival!

One of Brazil’s greatest exports returned home to celebrate Carnival in Rio de Janeiro – top model Gisele Bundchen performed on the Vila Isabel Samba School float during the celebrations and was seen kissing her man Tom Brady in front of thousands and showed off her slim figure in a gold dress as she danced the samba.

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The world’s highest paid model was proudly watched from the audience, which included celebrities Jude Law and Pamela Anderson.

Gisele was joined on the float by her mother and sisters-in-law, who took last minute samba lessons the day before.

With Brady out of action, Bundchen grabbed a female friend and started dancing as she clutched a carton of coconut water. In between dancing, she managed to find the time for some public kissing with her husband of two years.

The model, who has a 15-month-old son Benjamin, had been tweeting frantically in the run up to the big day. She admitted she had been listening to the song and learning the words in anticipation of her performance.