‘Girls Gone Wild’ Magazine Launches At Area

The Kardashian girls certainly love their shiny satin. The gals lent their support to sleazemeister Joe Francis and his enormous teeth for the launch of his Girls Gone Wild magazine.

He is so gross. I guess he learned a lesson from all that jail time he had and realized that there are women vacant enough to agree to pose naked without having to get them drunk and risk having to go back to the slammer and star in his own personal Boys Gone Wild…Who Then Cry Quietly in the Corner Alone.

Well, I guess we’ll just see how successful this new venture is. It’s already not a great sign that the only people on the red carpet for Joe’s big launch party is the Kardashian hos.

Photos: WENN/Getty Images

9 more photos of Joe Francis and the Kardashians at the Girls Gone Wild magazine launch party after the jump.

Photos: WENN/Getty Images