Girls Gone Crazy

TMZ keeps pretty busy these days, and has the scoop on the bizarre behavior exhibited by some of our favorite Hollywood starlets. First off, it seems that Nicole Richie may or may not have passed out at the Hollywood nightclub, Hyde, early Sunday morning. Her rep denies there was any incident that night, but TMZ reports:

We’re told it occurred just before 2 a.m., when Richie passed out and fell to the floor. An employee approached Richie and her friends and said he was calling 911. Sources say they told the employee not to make the call and that they would take Richie to a hospital. The friends then carried Richie out of the club through the back door. TMZ does not know if Richie went to the hospital. Before Richie collapsed, we’re told she hung out for awhile with Lindsay Lohan inside the club.

Written by Lisa Timmons

Later that morning, Lindsay was having an “episode” of her own. From TMZ:

At 6:45 am, a TMZ spy spotted Lindsay at Olive and Sunset in Hollywood, near a dog park. Lindsay was sitting in her parked black Cadillac Escalade and our spy, who was walking his dog, could see Lohan through the tinted windows, “freaking out” and talking on her phone. Then, Lohan called our spy over and told him that two men in a silver Toyota 4Runner — parked behind her — had been following her for the last two hours, trying to “hit” her vehicle. Our spy reports that “she seemed out of it,” that it appeared she’d been out all night, and that she’d clearly been crying, with mascara running down her face. “I’ve called the cops,” said Lindsay of her alleged pursuers. “But the cops can’t catch them.”

I imagine a bag lady who was eating her own hair whilst sitting on a nearby bench, probably heard Lindsay, looked up and said, “Damn bitch. You crazy.”

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