‘Girls’ Star Allison Williams Shows Off Her Bikini Body In Miami [PHOTOS]

'Girls' At The Emmys
The cast at the 2012 Emmy Awards
Girls actress Allison Williams caught some rays on the beach in Miami, Florida this past weekend (February 3, 2013). The TV star is seen here lounging on the beach while wearing a black bikini.

Judging by these photos, it is safe to assume that Allison has some flawless skin, and I guess Simple Skincare agreed, because she just landed a beauty contract with the company.

Allison told people why she’s happy to serve as the face of Simple Skincare in particular… 

“I do have sensitive skin, actually, and it’s been really hard to find products that don’t make it inflamed, or red or dry, or make it break out. It’s really complicated, but I’ve learned that it’s the case for more people than not. I don’t know how many people have unproblematic skin — that’s rare.”

Williams shows a lot of skin on Girls, and she revealed to Chelsea Handler that she watches her sex scenes with her father, NBC anchor Brian Williams, along with her entire family.

Watch and listen to Allison explain this to Chelsea.