‘Girls’ Season Two Premiere Recap: ‘It’s About Time’

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Girls Premiere

Before we can even discuss the season opener of the amazing HBO series Girls, we have to give a shout out to Lena Dunham, the official female hero of 2013. Wonder Woman took home the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical Series as well as won the award for Best Comedy. Not only was it a thrill to see her excitement on stage, but then we were treated with a brand new episode!

Pan in on Hannah totally going at it with Donald Glover from Community. I’m in love with the fact that Lena Dunham shows off her beautifully normal, realistically amazing body. Now that is something that deserves an award. Between Lena’s sex scenes and Christina Hendricks’ amazing wrack in Mad Men, I’d say it’s been a pretty great time for feminism on television. But what about Adam, the guy who accidentally got hit by a train all thanks to Hannah?

Hannah is taking care of him, but wants her space. She vowed that this year will be different. But can we trust her and do we want to? Adam had his extreme douche bag moments in the last season, but we did in fact grow to love him, despite his disgusting habits. Now she is basically wiping his ass out of guilt for essentially causing the accident.

Meanwhile Elijah is now Hannah’s roommate and things are going amazingly well. They buddy cuddle every night until dawn and decide to throw a holiday party together. The problem is that Elijah’s older rich boyfriend gets very drunk and begins insulting everyone. While Hannah is out getting rid of Elijah’s BF, Marnie and Elijah start talking about relationships and he admits to his bisexuality. Then shit gets weird. The two begin to have sex, but Elijah can’t keep it up and Marnie starts rolling her eyes (typical Marnie).

Marnie has been extremely pathetic and depressed since her break up with Charlie, who moved onto his rebound girl after only two weeks. Charlie is now rocking a hair style beard combo that resembles a pretentious photo of Ezra Pound, but whatever. After Marnie witnesses Charlie and his current GF fighting, she calls him up after the Elijah incident and asks him to cuddle her. And because Charlie is just as pathetic, he complies.

To give Marnie some credit, her boss recently ‘down sized’ the art gallery and is letting her go. Rita Wilson made an appearance as Marnie’s mother while they were out at lunch and she divulged disgusting details about her amazing sex life to her daughter, who hasn’t been getting any since the Charlie debacle. Hey, whatever happened to Jorma Taccone from season one and why didn’t he keep his promise to bone Marnie like crazy? I demand a follow up!

Then there is Shoshanna who bumps into Ray. After an incident with some crack, Ray ended up deflowering her and now he wants the relationship to continue. Shoshanna doesn’t like the way he treats her, but gives into making love yet again.

Oh and then Jessa finally showed up. She has apparently been in South America on honeymoon with her new hubby. It’s too bad we weren’t able to see more of these crazy love birds because they are insane and hilarious.

Regardless of how Hannah feels about Adam, she doesn’t want to abandon him and takes him some meds and treats before leaving to spend the night with Donald Glover. So far so good. I’m so elated that this series is back on television that I’ll take a weird Adam situation any old day.

By Chelsi Archibald

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