‘Girls’ Season Three Premiere Recap: Head Trips, Road Trips

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The ladies are back!

Season three of HBO’s Girls premiered this weekend and the ladies did not disappoint. Last season we witnessed the mental and emotional breakdown of Hannah, with her ex-boyfriend Adam coming to her rescue. Whether or not viewers approve of Hannah’s reunion with Adam, since both seem to have some serious issues to work through, they certainly make for an interesting and complimentary couple.

There are times that you can forget how completely creepy, horrible, and mental Adam can be. Life seems normal at the coffee shop where Ray manages and Hannah is employed until Adam’s ex-girlfriend Natalia shows up. Shit then proceeds to hit fan.

Adam hides from her, but it’s too late. Natalia’s friend forces her to confront him as Hannah watches on. At first Natalia is reluctant to talk about it and acts mostly hurt that Adam never called her back and abandoned their relationship. It’s clear that he may have put her through some trauma. Then the anger comes. She reminds him of his sick sexual behavior, his abusive tendencies, and his selfishness. Then she starts laying into Hannah, which definitely crosses a line. The two don’t talk about it, but it’s clear that Adam does feel somewhat bad about what he did to Natalia.

Hannah has Shoshanna and Marnie over for dinner, much to Adam’s dismay, where they talk about their goals for the future. Marnie can’t get over Charlie. Even though they had an emotional reconnection last season he has apparently broken up with her again and is trying to move on. She is living with her mother for awhile. Shoshanna wants to keep her academic and her sexual lives separate, but healthy and balanced. Adam lectures Marnie telling her that she will know when the right one shows up in her life, it will be undeniable. The pep talk seems to help her.

Jessa is struggling in rehab. She was MIA for most of last season and according to what she tells her therapist, her grandmother is paying for her rehabilitation. She doesn’t take group work seriously, making fun of the other patients, and she continues to break the rules. After outing a lesbian patient, she initiates the girl with her first lesbian encounter as a small token of her apologies. This gets her kicked out of rehab and she calls Hannah to come pick her up.

Because Hannah is too young to rent a car, Adams caves in and goes on a road trip with her and Shoshanna to rescue Jessa. Hannah hopes to find inspiration for her writing, but finds the experience very boring. When the group stops to rest at a hotel for the night they attempt to teach Adam the game ‘Truth or Dare’, but it doesn’t take and he isn’t impressed. He stops at one point during the drive to go on a hike, but Hannah isn’t into it.

When they finally arrive at Jessa’s place Hannah acts as her sister and expects to sign paperwork for her release. She finds out that Jessa could have been given a ride to the airport and flown home with assistance from the rehab, but called Hannah instead. Even though she is upset that Jessa made them take an unnecessary trip, she vents, gets her feelings out, and then is elated to finally have her best friend back.

Will Adam and Hannah’s relationship last this time around? Will Jessa’s decision to sabotage her rehabilitation affect her negatively later on this season? Tell us what you think!