‘Girls’ Recap: ‘Video Games’

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What is up with all the emotions lately? Now that Jessa is back in the game following a separation and likely divorce from her husband, she is feeling pretty insane. This week on HBO’s Girls, Jessa decides to visit her father in the country and takes Hannah along with her. The two are stranded at a train station waiting on her father and when he finally arrives it is clear that he is a borderline hoarder.

His newest wife is named Petula and she tells Hannah as they walk through the front door that she manifested her into being because she knew that Jessa and her wouldn’t get along. Hannah is already freaked out. But she does find someone that catches her eye, Petula’s creepy son Frank. If anything gets Hannah going it is a turtle neck, bowl cut, and man camel toe.

The family has dinner together and before Hannah can realize it, she is eating the rabbit she was petting earlier. Frank’s friend Tyler shows up and they want to go on a joyride, but Jessa wants to stay and interact with her father. However, her father has plans and didn’t cancel them as he wasn’t sure whether Jessa would actually show. Jessa is hurt by this, but joins Hannah and the boys.

The crew decides to do ‘whip its’ and Jessa even covers Tyler’s eyes while he is driving. Sober Hannah is not happy and demands they pull the car over. She runs into the woods, which happens to have a creepy old cemetery and Frank follows her. He kisses her and she asks him if he is at least eighteen. He replies that he is nineteen. They have sex in the sense that Hannah lays there and Frank does his thing, all totaling eight seconds.

Hannah is disgusted to find out that Jessa isn’t sleeping with Tyler as she interpreted the joyride to be a sexcapade. When the two return back to the house, Jessa admits that she is emotionally messed up because of her father. The next day she attempts to talk to him about his habit of running away from things and never facing up to his problems emotionally. Now we see where Jessa gets it.

Meanwhile, Hannah bumps into Frank in the dining room. He is upset and asks her why she used him for sex. Hannah is aghast that he would suggest that she used him, but goes along with it. We can surmise that Frank lost his virginity to Hannah, well sort of. And that he might be gay or at least exploring his sexuality as he has a crush on his friend Tyler. Leave it to Hannah to somehow connect with these type of guys. It leads us back to her episode with the Doctor wherein she realized that she doesn’t hold herself to great sexual standards and wants to improve who she gives herself to. Apparently, the lesson hasn’t sunk in yet.

Jessa’s father drops the girls off at the local supermarket and says he will be back in five. Jessa realizes after they buy groceries that he isn’t returning and the two walk back to the house. While Hannah uses the restroom and fights a mean urinary tract infection, Jessa bails only leaving Hannah a goodbye note. Hannah takes the train back to Brooklyn alone, but calls her parents to thank them for being so supportive. Her mother thinks it’s a mean joke and gets upset, but Hannah is still happy to tell them thank you.

The emotional depth of this season has been biting. Jessa was such a source of light hearted laughter last season and we’ve seen little to none of her lately. While it has been interesting to see this women explore and find themselves, we need a cocaine episode thrown in every once in awhile or we’re going to go bananas.