‘Girls’ Recap: ‘Two Plane Rides’

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Adam has his opening night.

On the season three finale of HBO’s Girls, Hannah and the gang went to see Adam on his opening night at his broadway opening for Madame Barbara. But before that, Hannah got an exciting piece of news in the mail.

First though, she got some random news from Adam’s sister. She is living with Laird and is pregnant with his baby. She can tell it’s a girl because she can feel its labia growing. Yikes.

Hannah gets a letter in the mail informing her that she got into graduate school for an MFA program. She calls her parents and surprisingly both are excited and proud of her, even offering to help her pay for it.

Jessa is working for a disabled artist named Bee Dee, who is now hassling her to help her with assisted suicide. She knows Jessa is a drug addict and has access to high octane stuff, but Jessa doesn’t feel comfortable with the situation.

Shoshanna tries to pick up her cap and gown for graduation from NYU but finds out that she isn’t qualified to graduate this semester because one of her professors gave her a failing grade. She goes home and trashes her apartment just in time for Marnie to show up, make the whole thing about her, and deal out a truth bomb that she has been sleeping with Ray.

On opening night, Hannah shows up to see Adam and he is keeping in character. She tells him that she got into grad school and he breaks character to tell her that he loves her. She says that she has learned a lot from his dedication and wants to do the same with her own life.

Marnie visits Desi in his dressing room and gives him a gift, a pick of James Taylor’s and the two of them start making out. Later on she bumps into Desi’s girlfriend Clementine and she lays into Marnie, telling her how sad she looks. Marnie finds the two of them fighting at the after party and seems sad because she may not be getting with Desi after all.

Shoshanna confronts Ray and he apologizes for sleeping with Marnie. She confesses that she loves him and wants him back, because her life wasn’t in shambles when they were together. He refuses her and she stands there alone in the lobby crying. Like Ray will ever find a better woman! Gah!

During the show, Adam’s friends cheer him on, but afterward he doesn’t agree with them that he had a great performance. Elijah lets Adam and Hannah have their space so they can talk. Adam tells Hannah that it was messed up for her to tell him about grad school right before he went on stage and that it effected his performance. He is pretty bummed out that she makes their relationship so difficult. When Hannah gets home she grabs the letter and holds it to her chest, smiling with joy at the choice she has made.

Jessa helps Bee Dee take the pills to kill herself and comforts her as she drifts off to sleep. But suddenly Bee Dee panics and begs for Jessa to call 9-1-1 because she doesn’t want to die. Jessa does as she is told even though she might end up in the slammer for helping Bee Dee almost die.

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By Chelsi Archibald

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