‘Girls’ Recap: ‘Together’

Hannah's Outrageous Quotes
Lena Dunham Takes It To The Limit With Witty Dialogue
Now that we’ve thoroughly been exposed to a myriad of insane issues from each character, the season two closer of HBO’s Girls went a little easier on us. And thank God, because those intense sex scenes and emotional breakdowns are just relentless these days. For some crazy reason, Adam’s newest girlfriend has stuck around even after last week’s humiliating soft core sex dance.

This week she is instructing him to take things slowly and gently, which he is attempting to do.

Things are going well for Marnie and Charlie, especially for Marnie as she is getting the greatest female gift on the bedroom floor. But at brunch she realizes that Charlie may not be in this for the long haul and she flips out. He chases after her and she tells him that she wants to be with him always, make him snacks at night, have his brown babies, and eventually watch him die of old age. He breaks down and says he feels the same, that he is desperately in love with her. Hopefully this cools Marnie’s case of the crazies for now.

As for Shoshanna and Ray, things are creepy in bed for them as well. Shoshanna wants Ray to find some initiative and get his life together. He storms into his boss’s office at the coffee shop and demands a higher position. His boss kindly obliges and offers Ray the position to run a brand new store in Brooklyn Heights, even allowing him to choose his own impressive title. But the news isn’t enough for Shoshanna, who reveals that Ray is just a negative person whom she can now longer be around. The two break up.

Hannah is a shut in at this point and most likely hasn’t taken a shower in days. She is called by her editor who lets her have it and tells her that if she doesn’t turn in her pages for the ebook deal, the publisher will sue her for the advance they gave her. Desperate, Hannah calls her father and begs for the money to pay the publisher back, but he refuses. She breaks down realizing that she must write an entire novel in a single day.

Marnie attempts to visit her, but Hannah hides away. Then she tries to cut her own hair like Carey Mulligan, but it is a disaster. Her drug addict neighbor attempts to fix it, but not very well and lets Hannah know that he no longer likes her because she has a self absorbed soul. Hannah calls Jessa and leaves an emotional voice mail, but we all know that she’ll never return that phone call. Hannah is alone. Not only is she alone, but she is left to her own devices.

She FaceTimes Adam and he immediately recognizes that she has reverted back to her OCD and is in a very bad place. In possibly the best moment of the series, Adam tells Hannah to stay put and he runs through the streets of Brooklyn to get to her apartment and rescue her from herself. She protests and tells him not to worry about her, but he continues to run and when he gets there he breaks down the door to save her. He finds her under the covers and lifts her up to hold in his arms and comfort her. As emotionally warped as both these people are, their connection is undeniable. They understand one another. They read one another. And they know when to save each other.