‘Girls’ Recap: ‘Role-Play’

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Well, that got weird.

In the latest episode of HBO’s Girls, Hannah decided to get adventurous and spice things up a bit in her relationship, while Jessa was bombarded with some cold hard truth.

Meanwhile, Marnie is just getting by day to day. What coo-coo cray shit did Hannah pull off this time around?

The episode opened up with Hannah at the bar with her coworkers from GQ, getting plastered off her ass. She ends up at Joe’s place, where he helps her find the toilet in order to puke some more and then showers her off and let’s her occupy his bed and pajamas. What a nice fella!

Hannah assumes that Adam will be furious when she gets home the next day, but he has barely noticed that she was gone. She tries to explain that she was very drunk, stayed a guy friend’s place, and Adam responds by saying he was glad she had fun with her friends. This seems so unlike Adam. She showers and tries to initiate sex with him, but he doesn’t have the tim.

Later on, she goes to his rehearsal and is kicked out by the director. Adam doesn’t really stand up for her and asks her to leave. Hannah decides to create something to spice up their relationship. She borrows Marnie’s apartment, dresses up in a blonde wig, and has Adam meet her at a new bar. She seduces him, playing the role of an older married woman. Adam seems to get into it and after a stranger thinks Adam is harassing Hannah, he gets punched in the face.

When they get to Marnie’s place, Hannah reveals her slinky underwear and begins to pose on the bed, following Adam’s instructions about what to eat. But while they’re having sex Hannah changes up the role play and pretends she is the school cheerleader who is pity screwing the school weirdo with the huge knob. Adam is annoyed and creeped out that she would refer to him like that.

Hannah is confused because Adam used to role-play and create the most screwed up situations ever when they were first dating. He is also offended that Hannah seems displeased with their current sexual relationship. He tells her that he has already made arrangements to move into his old apartment with Ray while working on the production. Hannah is very distraught, but it seems Adam had this in the works well before she began making an effort.

Shoshanna has grown sick of Jessa and her drug buddy Jasper crashing at her place. When Jessa reveals that Jasper has a daughter in the city, Shoshanna makes arrangements to have them meet up at a restaurant without him knowing. Jessa is super annoyed that Shoshanna has done this, but even after Jasper’s initial rejection of his daughter, she is able to show him that she cares and woos him away from his newest drug companion.

Shoshanna finds Jessa smoking in front of their building and tells her that she looks like a junkie to which Jessa replies, “I am a junkie.” Whether this is a final acceptance of her drug lifestyle or her way of acting unaffected, Jessa seems to be in a bad place these days.

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