‘Girls’ Recap: Only Child

Lena Is A Cover Girl
Dunham Rocks The Front Cover Of Vogue
A touch of innocence.

On this week’s episode of HBO’s Girls, Jessa wants to get a job and opts for a child’s clothing store. Shoshanna has to remind her that she has a criminal record, but as usual Jessa isn’t phased.

Hannah however, is an entirely different can of worms. And like nearly all the characters on this show, she doesn’t even see it.

Hannah and Adam attend the funeral of her dead editor David and find out that he left behind a wife and kids. Odd, because he was using Hannah’s phone at her 25th birthday to look on Grindr and hook up with dudes. The wife acknowledges that he was gay on the side. But Hannah doesn’t leave it there.

After the wife mistakes her for someone else and is embarrassed for her faux pas, Hannah finds out that the publishing company is dropping all of David’s projects which means she isn’t publishing her e-book. She demands that the wife refer her to another publisher, all in the middle of this dead guy’s wake. No tact whatsoever.

Adam and Caroline are at each other’s throats at the apartment and Hannah decides to be an intermediary. Adam tells Caroline that she doesn’t even know herself and tends to shape shift and contribute nothing, something that he is guilty of himself. “I feel like she’s an evil person who pukes on everything metaphorically,” he says.

Marnie calls and asks Hannah to come see her new kitten, but Hannah has bigger fish to fry. She visits another publisher who loves her work, mostly because she is insane and spares none of the gory details of her sexual exploits. They offer her a book deal and forgot the e-book thing. She is in shock, ecstatic. But when she calls her dad she finds out that their family lawyer looked into it and David’s publisher will have the rights to Hannah’s book for three years. Thus she cannot publish it with the new publisher.

She is so upset that she freaks out on Caroline and kicks her out. When Adam gets home, he pulls a 180 and completely freaks out that his sister is gone, something he’d been bitching about for weeks.

Marnie shows up to Ray’s after last week’s debacle when she quit the coffee shop job and asks what he thinks is wrong with her. He tells her the truth, that she is judgmental and that she uses people, but mostly because she is insecure. She is hurt by the honesty and they embrace, which leads to them banging on the kitchen table. Awkward. He asks her to keep it on the down-low to which she replies that she in no way would want to advertise their encounter to anyone.

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