‘Girls’ Recap: ‘On All Fours’

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In the last few episodes of HBO’s Girls, we’ve really been getting some insanity from pretty much every character on the show.

A few weeks ago we saw Ray’s emotional breakdown on Staten Island, then Shoshanna banged a doorman last week, Hannah has completely reverted back to her OCD tendencies, Jessa has skipped town, and Marnie is well . . . still being Marnie. But this episode took it to the next level.

Marnie meets Charlie at his new office to chew him out for standing her up at their lunch date. Apparently, things are going really well for him. His company hit 20,000 monthly app subscribers and so he completely forgot about his psycho ex-girlfriend. He tries to comfort Marnie by inviting her to the company’s celebration party that evening. If only he knew what he was getting himself into.

At the party, Ray is still being a douche bag and obviously envies Charlie’s recent success. Shoshanna can’t stand to hold in the truth any longer and instead of telling Ray the whole truth, she tells him that she held hands with a doorman then asks him if he’s upset. He thinks it’s cute and funny, but it’s doubtful that he would be okay with the fact that she banged another dude.

Last week when Ray was trying to be encouraging to Marnie he told her to follow her dreams. She decided those dreams involved singing and demanded he help her lay a track down on Garage Band. She then decided to play said track in front of Charlie’s employees and coworkers at the party. It was a slow version of ‘Stronger’ by Kanye West and while her voice was tolerable, the idea that she would interrupt a party and rap pretentiously to its guests was humiliating to witness. However, Charlie reacted a little differently than one would expect. While he was embarrassed for Marnie and tried to snub her, he is still charmed by her old witchy ways and they had sex in his office.

Adam has been excited and successful with his new girlfriend, a chick he met through a fellow AA member. She initiates their first sexual encounter, telling him that she needs lots of foreplay and to move slowly and gently. He follows her orders and she invites him to an engagement party. But he gets nervous and steps outside for a moment only in time to see OCD Hannah on her way back from the hospital.

Hannah’s OCD issues have taken a turn for the worst. She met with her editor who told her that her writing isn’t going well and she needs to start having more sex to make things interesting. Or she needs to pretend she is having sex. Hannah is so messed up from all the pressure that she isn’t taking care of herself. She stabs her own ear with a q-tip because she is obsessed with shoving it in and out of her ear canal over 8 times. She calls her parents in pain and they tell her to get her ass to the ER.

Upon bumping into Adam, the two seem glad to see one another and old sparks start to fly. Adam does his best to avoid her, making it known that he has a new girlfriend, but his instincts to take care of Hannah kick in. He calls her the ever endearing ‘kid’ nickname, which she loves. Even though Adam retreats from the situation the encounter sets him off. He orders a drink, goes crazy on the dance floor with his new girl, and decides to take her back home to his weird ass lumber yard apartment.

She is a little weirded out by his dark decor and when she mentions this he tells her to get on all fours and crawl to his bedroom. She reluctantly and awkwardly follows orders. Adam creepily forces her to have sex, reminding us all of his sexual relationship to Hannah. All of that talk about foreplay and gentleness really didn’t sink in. It is Adam’s attempt to push his new girl away and he knows it. Talk about insane issues. If there is one thing this show doesn’t lack for it is awkward sexual moments.