‘Girls’ Recap: ‘It’s Back’ Reveals Hannah’s Most Haunting Issue Yet

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Now that Lena Dunham and her team have thrown us a few curveballs of emotional insanity, the hits just keep on coming. Yes, HBO’s Girls is full of laughs, but reality is catching up to each character more quickly than we’ve been prepared for and they’re throwing us in the deep end. Hannah is focused on her new ebook deal and the stress has become unbearable. She is thrown into a regression of OCD, something she apparently dealt with in high school.

But Hannah isn’t the only one dealing with issues. Ray, Shoshanna, and Marnie are seen walking together in conversation. Apparently, Charlie has sold an iPhone app and now has a corner office in Chelsea with a dozen of his own employees. He has hit it big and Marnie suddenly feels the need to pay him a visit. Marnie’s inability to realize her flaws may be the most perplexing aspect of this series.

When she meets up with Charlie, he immediately recognizes her motives. For one thing, she arrogantly forces her way past the receptionist without scheduling a meeting and just demands to speak to Charlie, as if she still wears the pants between them. He assumes she wants money, but before they can get into an argument Charlie is swept away to do a youtube flashmob or something with the office next door. Will this be the wake up call Marnie needs to treat herself better and appreciate others like they deserve? I doubt it.

Shoshanna meets up with an old friend from college who is shocked to see she has a boyfriend, confirming that Shoshanna’s entire summer life has been revolving around Ray and his emotional issues. The friend invites them to a party, which Ray refuses to attend, but Shoshanna stands her ground and decides to go it alone. When she arrives she wonders if she is in the right building and the doorman confirms that yes, indeed her friend is a huge partier. He also checks her out as she walks to the elevators. At the party, Shoshanna bores her host to death talking about Ray’s problems and then she decides to leave. The doorman is still there, waiting to hit on her and give her a boost of self esteem. They end up knocking boots in the supply closet. While it’s a shame to see Shoshanna stray from Ray, his behavior hasn’t exactly been amiable or considerate of her needs.

Hannah’s parents are in town to see their favorite old folk artist. Immediately, they notice Hannah’s counting, her continual jerking head movements, and the tapping of her fingers over and over again in numerical fashion. Her mother asks her if she is having problems with her OCD, but Hannah denies it. Their relationship is reminiscent of so many mother/daughter dynamics, one getting offended by the other so easily and harboring on old memories and emotions. Her parents suggest she see a doctor, who Hannah doesn’t bullshit, but to whom she makes it clear that she has no interest in ongoing therapy as she doesn’t have a problem. He prescribes her meds and sends her on her way.

At the beginning of the episode, the girls questioned Jessa’s habit to disappear and avoid facing up to her problems. While it is true that Jessa’s behavior isn’t exactly healthy, it seems to be working for her as a sense of survival. The other girls may try to stick things out, but their confusion lies in regression and repeated patterns which hold them back from moving forward. At least Jessa can leave that behind for a little while.