‘Girls’ Recap: ‘It’s A Shame About Ray’

Jessa Strikes A Pose
Girls Star Poses, Shows Off Baby Bump
Now that Hannah has enjoyed her first cocaine experience, she has published an article with freelance blog jazzhate and wants to spend her paycheck on some organic ingredients and make her friends some Pad Thai.

The only problem is that she invites all the wrong people and things get really awkward. But first, Elijah is moving out since he spilled the beans on his fling with Marnie. He attempts to protest, but apparently Hannah got Elijah’s ex-boyfriend George on her side and since he paid for all of their furniture he is letting Hannah keep it.

At the dinner party, Charlie and his new girlfriend show up before Marnie makes her grand entrance. Hannah explains that she invited Marnie to be nice, but never expected her to show. She tells both of them to stay as well as Marnie. Charlie’s new hipster girlfriend Audrey is not okay with Marnie and starts really bitching her out for coming to Charlie’s place and sleeping in his bed. When Marnie storms out, Charlie follows her to the roof and attempts to kiss her before she tells him that she is seeing Booth Jonathan. Gross!

Hannah tries to salvage her dinner party by starting a conversation with Ray about his apartment. He explains that he isn’t living anywhere really, which makes Shoshanna realize that he is at her house every night and therefore lives with her. She is shocked that she didn’t think of it before and the two fight in the subway station after leaving Hannah’s place. Ray says he is a loser and never understood why Shoshanna is with him and she admits that she is falling in love with him. He reacts rudely at first before admitting that he really loves her. This is a nice side story to the debut of Jessa’s terrible night.

Jessa goes to meet her new husband’s parents at a fancy restaurant. After showing up late because she and Thomas-John were having sex, the couple tries to entertain the old folk by reminiscing about Jessa’s life of travel. The father is clearly drunk and seems to like Jessa, but the mother is not pleased. She is not happy to learn that Jessa was once a heroin addict and wonders how she travels with no work. She then accuses Jessa of marrying her son for his money. This sparks a huge fight between the couple when they get home wherein Thomas-John admits that marrying Jessa was a huge mistake. Jessa shows up to Hannah’s house and cries in the bathtub.

So what can be said of Hannah who constantly cuts people off for making mistakes when she is making so many of her own? And what of Marnie, who clearly has lost her way yet doesn’t understand how to move forward? This episode captured the reality of NYC living and didn’t gloss it over. These are young females trying to make it on their own and the reality of their mistakes constantly rears its ugly head, but in a refreshingly hilarious sort of way.