‘Girls’ Recap: ‘Incidentals’

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Adam can actually act!

On the latest episode of HBO’s Girls, Hannah’s boyfriend Adam gets a role in a broadway play and is giddy with excitement, something completely un-Adam. Hannah immediately starts freaking out and worrying that his jaunt on stage may end their relationship.

Meanwhile, Jessa gets a visit from a friend from rehab and it doesn’t turn out pretty.

Adam is so excited that he lands a part in the Shaw play, Major Barbara that he goes into the bathroom, stuffs paper towel in his mouth and screams. Outside he meets up with his new friend from the audition, who also landed a role, and the two share a motorcycle ride. How adorable.

Hannah was turning up her nose at GQ until she received her first paycheck which was more than her rent payment. No complaining now, eh? She spends a large portion on a new trendy dress, proving that if you have money you can indeed look good.

Her next assignment is to review the Gramercy Hotel and she invites all her pals along to celebrate Adam’s new found success. Before she gets there she does an awkward interview with Patti LuPone who warns her that Adam’s role might turn out awful. He will sleep with the cast, he will distance himself from Hannah, and he will be consumed by the role and become a total asshole. Hannah let’s these fears set in.

Adam brings his friend Desi to the hotel room and Elijah, Shoshanna, and Marnie fall head over hills for his laid back guitar singing vibe. Marnie may be a perfect match for him, but if they hook up it wouldn’t be a shock to watch her destroy any chances for a future. Earlier that day Marnie bumped into an old coworker who is opening her own gallery. Marnie tried to offer some help but it was ill-received. Then Ray broke up with her, which she pretended not to be upset about.

Jessa has been extremely bored at her job at the children’s clothing store and her English friend, an older man from rehab showed up high to help her relapse. They appear at the hotel high on cocaine and Hannah laments that they shouldn’t have taken Jessa out of rehab. Then later, they raid the children’s clothing store and find the petty cash which they use to buy a shit ton of more cocaine. It’s all quite sad to witness.

Elijah tried to get the up and up with Adam on the broadway scene, but the dude wasn’t having it. Later on when Adam and Hannah are alone in the hotel’s massive bathtub, she admits her fears of his possible distance and he tells her not to worry. Then he recites his lines in a British accent, reminding everyone that yes indeed, he is actually working on HBO’s Girls for a reason.

Will Marnie hook up with Desi? Will Adam and Hannah be headed for troubled waters during the broadway show? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

By Chelsi Archibald

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