‘Girls’ Recap: ‘I Saw You’

Chelsi Archibald | March 18, 2014 - 7:00 am

Dunham Goes Vogue
Lena Graces The Cover Of Vogue Magazine
Well, Marnie has done it again.

On the latest episode of HBO’s Girls, we saw Marnie’s perfect exterior crack and in light of her usual insufferable character this event was actually quite humorous.

It all starts with Marnie inviting everyone out for her performance with Adam’s blue eyed broadway cast mate Desi.

Well, actually it starts with Adam finishing. Hannah and Adam have sex. Then Adam wants to go back to Ray’s apartment where he is currently staying in order to concentrate on his broadway role and to practice his voice warmups. He can’t get anything done with Hannah around. Hannah tries to let him leave, but ends up following him to the apartment. He gets annoyed with her, but still gets her a cab and accompanies her home safely before saying goodnight.

Marnie is now working at Soojin’s art gallery, which is mainly funded by her loaded father. An artist that Marnie studied at Oberlin named Bedi is working out her latest gallery showing. Marnie asks how the older woman in a wheelchair is able to photograph people without them noticing. Bedi tells her that no one notices her now that she is an old woman and that most people see older women as a shell.

Hannah is hanging out with Elijah at her apartment when he reminds her that Marnie has an open mic show coming up. Elijah is reluctant about attending and makes fun of Marnie’s ernest needy style. Then he begs her to go with her to a second interview with Patti LuPone. The two go to the Tony winner’s apartment, where they get drunk with the broadway star, and her husband confesses that he gave up his writing career to support Patti.

This strikes a nerve in Hannah and when she is in a brainstorming meeting at GQ the next day, she goes off about how she is the only one living an authentic life. She pushes it well beyond making a point and deliberately gets fired in order to collect unemployment, because that’s so authentic and bohemian.

Jessa seems to be coming off of drugs when Shoshanna gets home from school. Shoshanna lets her know that she is worried, but allows her some space. Jessa seems to either clean up a bit or snort something to get herself motivated and goes to find a job. While she is out she stops by Marnie’s gallery job to see how she is doing. Bedi is there attempting to connect with Marnie, but before she can Jessa intervenes and gives the artist advice about a specific piece of work that Bedi has been questioning all along. The artist hires Jessa on the spot to help her archive in her apartment. And just like that, Jessa has a job and Marnie is still an assistant who doesn’t get the respect she yearns for.

She seems nervous right before her and Desi are about to go on stage, especially since he has seen the awful YouTube video that Charlie posted. Even Elijah and Hannah comment before she starts singing that Marnie is likely to fail and that it’s going to be a “shit show”. But Marnie does a fantastic job and sounds amazing with Desi. Everyone is shocked and truly excited. But Desi’s girlfriend Clementine shows up and reminds Marnie that her hopes of getting with Des are just that, hopes.

Hannah goes out with Adam, Desi, Clem, and their broadway friends. They laugh and discuss their various acting anecdotes but Hannah interrupts them by announcing that she purposefully got fired from her job. She does this in an abrasive way which makes everyone uncomfortable.

Marnie is so depressed about the Desi snub that she shows up to Ray’s apartment and starts stripping. He discussed with Adam earlier in the episode that he was dating a girl who seemed nearly perfect, but he just couldn’t settle and broke it off. He tries to reason with Marnie as she takes her clothes off and wants to define the relationship, but Marnie just wants a piece of ass. Ray gives in and the two start getting it on.

Hannah and Adam show up to the apartment after dinner with the actors and rather than give Ray his privacy, Hannah barges into his room to discover Marnie having sweaty hot sex with Ray. Hannah is appalled and states that Marnie is no longer able to judge her anymore.