‘Girls’ Recap: ‘I Get Ideas’

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Girls Season 2

In the latest episode of HBO’s Girls, Hannah and Elijah watched a creepy video of Adam singing terrible acoustic guitar renditions. Hannah questioned whether or not Adam might kill himself at the end of the video, but luckily he was just being super emo. Elijah had his own problems and was dumped by his older boyfriend George after the incident with Marnie went down. Elijah is still exploring his sexuality and finds it odd that George is so intolerable of that exploration. Granted, infidelity is infidelity either way you slice it.

Hannah has bigger problems than Adam, who shows up to her apartment unannounced by using a key she gave him when they were together. In a panic Hannah accidentally dials 911 and Adam is arrested based on a warrant for minor charges on his record. Hannah feels awful and awkwardly tries to remedy the situation to no avail.

Hannah is torn between sticking to her own values and being tolerant of her new boyfriend’s republican ideals. Ironically, Hannah doesn’t see the hypocrisy of demanding that he conform to her beliefs when those very beliefs seem to bespeak tolerance. After visiting Jessa in her newlywed abode, she is convinced by her friend that because Sandy has yet to read Hannah’s beloved essays, it means that he doesn’t truly support her. Hannah confronts him only to find out that he simply did not like her writing, which she cannot accept and finds so insulting that she breaks up with him on site.

Jessa seems to be getting along well in her newlywed existence. Her hilarious husband poses for portraits and gives her three puppies to occupy her time while he is at work. Hopefully Jessa will play a more front and center role as the season goes on as her comedic genius is very enjoyable.

Marnie tries to get a job with another curator, but is denied the position. The woman playing the museum curator is actually Lena Dunham’s real life mother. Shoshanna suggests she become a hostess at a high end club. By the way, Shoshanna is back with Ray and seems totally in love. When Hannah sees Marnie in her cheesy sexy hostess outfit she gives her a hard time. Marnie implies that she is jealous because she lacks the good looks to handle the hostess position. From next week’s previews, it seems that Marnie will be getting laid by Jorma soon, the man who promised to really give her a go last season, but never showed up to properly get the job done.

Hopefully everyone finds what they are looking for soon, as each of them seem to be floating along unsure of their relationships.

By Chelsi Archibald

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