‘Girls’ Recap: Hannah’s Kick Ass Writing Job Just Isn’t Good Enough

February 11th, 2014 // Leave a Comment

Cry me a freaking river.

On the latest episode of HBO’s Girls, Hannah proved once again that she is completely out of her mind most of the time, even when she isn’t having an obsessive compulsive breakdown.

Hannah has a new job at GQ magazine. There are perks, some major ones. But those perks are not what Hannah is looking for, because apparently she doesn’t like the ability to pay rent or put food on the damned table.

Yes, Hannah is writing for the dreaded adversarial section and not the editorial section of GQ. Yes, Hannah isn’t writing creatively or authentically or in the way she imagined or dreamed. But God if Hannah doesn’t get a shit-ton of free snacks and healthcare to boot!

She informs Ray that she is quitting the coffee shop again, to which he retorts that she will most definitely be back in a week or so. Ray may be the damned oracle of this entire universe. After the first day on the job at GQ, Hannah comes up with some clever quips which impress everyone. Well, everyone except that one guy that hates the way her face looks because it reminds him of an ex and also because he hates his life and who has become.

She meets another handsome guy that’s especially friendly and then she makes sure to tell her coworkers that she is better than this job at GQ. She is a “writer writer, not, like, a corporate advertising, working-for-the-man kind of writer.” To which these poor souls proceed to school the hell out of her by explaining that one of them wrote a book of prize winning poetry at Yale, one wrote an amazing essay in N+1 and the last one published some shit in The New Yorker. In other words, you need to shut the hell up Hannah.

Meanwhile, poor Adam is going on auditions and it’s a hit and miss sort of deal. He finally lands a call-back and Hannah completely ignores his success and falls asleep after a hard day of free snacks AND HEALTH CARE. Hannah actually tries to quit because she is overqualified, to which her boss tells her that A) she doesn’t care and B) there are like a million other people lined up to take her job. Hannah goes back and tells her she wants to keep working there, because DUH!

And then there is Ray and Marnie, who awkwardly bone each other and who lead us to believe that the actor Alex Karpovsky is just naturally hairless on his ass. Yeah, right. Both of them are miserable lonely souls and honestly, Ray is really good for Marnie because he tells her the truth about herself and then he has the good sense to be sensitive about it afterward.

And now out of nowhere, Shoshanna is telling Jessa (who is the worst employee to work in a baby clothing store ever ) that she misses Ray. Rather than go to him and tell him how she truly feels, she hooks up with some idiot from school and while they are going at it naked, she starts laying out the stipulations of their relationship in her typical control freak fashion. And no Jessa, that black dress is not big enough for a one-year-old, nor will it work for a child’s christening.

I don’t really know what Lena Dunham’s MO is at this point in her writing for the show. The character Hannah has been a likable character because she is a harmless bumpkin that haphazardly makes errors along the road to true adulthood. Now her false sense of pride and arrogance, along with her general lack of sensitivity for anyone outside of herself is really getting to me. She better shape up or ship off. It’s starting to get old, fast.

By Chelsi Archibald

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