‘Girls’ Recap: ‘Flo’

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And another one bites the dust!

For the second time this season, HBO’s Girls brought us another death for Hannah to deal with and although it wasn’t someone super important to the main storyline, it forced Adam and Hannah to define the relationship.

Hannah rushes home to comfort her family when hearing that her grandmother is on death’s doorstep.

Her two aunts are there at the hospital, one is the main caretaker for her grandmother, has never married or had children, and wants claim to the family engagement ring. Another is more liberal, smokes, swears, and has a bitchy daughter who is going to medical school. Hannah’s mother wants her to tell her grandma that she and Adam are getting married, just to make the old lady happy before she dies. Hannah is against it.

But she does consult on the phone with Adam who is at rehearsal. He tells her that he doesn’t plan on getting married. She tries to backtrack and shoo away the conversation because it’s largely unnecessary at this time.

Hannah’s cousin Rebecca paints an interesting picture of what the family thinks concerning her actions. Her grandma thinks she is “loose”, her family thinks she is a bad influence on her cousin, who claims she told her to touch her own “chachi” when they were little, and the family seems disapproving of Hannah’s father.

Her cousin invites her out for a drink, but then bags on Hannah for drinking when they get to the bar, and she insults her as a writer. Rebecca seems miserable and doesn’t have any friends. Hannah takes it all in stride. When the two get into an argument in the car on the way home Rebecca starts texting while driving and they get into a car accident.

Adam rushes to the hospital not knowing the details and is relieved that Hannah is okay, proving to her family that he is indeed a pretty good guy. After they visit her grandmother Adam tells the old bat that they are getting married in a year. She seems happy, but gives Hannah grievous advice about how she’ll end up hating her husband, but that it will pass. Nice.

After Adam leaves, Hannah’s mom goes off about how weird he is and that Hannah will have to cater to him and make the world easier for him. We can tell at this point that she is really telling Hannah about her relationship to Hannah’s father, whom even Elijah claims might be gay. Hannah’s mother is insane and goes from encouraging her to lie to her grandmother to chiding her for even thinking about marriage and abandoning her job and career.

The next morning, Grandma is recovered and her pneumonia has disappeared. Hannah has a beautiful moment with her grandma and even though the old lady worries about her, they seem to get along very well. Later on Hannah takes the train home, but Rebecca calls her once she reaches the city. Grandma has had a heart attack and die. Hannah must make her way back to the family to mourn after all.

So what was this episode trying to say? That all families are weird, that all families fight, and that things are difficult when you’re navigating the world between your old life and your new life. Hannah seems to handle the old quite well in the episode, but it does have its way of creeping back into the new.

By Chelsi Archibald

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