‘Girls’ Recap: Adam’s Sister & Her Bush, Hannah Turns 25

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As hairy as a seventies porn star.

In the latest episode of HBO’s Girls, Adam’s insane sister Caroline shows up to Hannah’s apartment. She has been dumped and is emotionally unstable and needs a place to stay. After what these two have been through, can they deal with another insane surprise?

When Caroline arrives she is none other than Michael Cera’s costar in Crystal Fairy & The Magical Cactus, Gabby Hoffman. And you have to respect the balls this chick has, because she plays insanity well, a little too well. And she isn’t afraid to show off some muff either.

Caroline needs a place to stay and Hannah is willing to offer up their place, but Adam is adamant that they refuse. He says that his sister assisted their grandma in suicide when she was old and dying.

Everyone goes to a nightclub to celebrate Hannah’s 25th birthday. Even though Marnie has offered to help plan it, the event isn’t a surprise and Hannah’s parents are paying for everything. Marnie is being Marnie as usual, making sure to over-dress, look the hottest, get up in front of everyone and sing karaoke because she is that kind of terrible sociopath. Charlie recently put up a youtube video of her lip syncing to What I Am by Edie Brickell.

Ray attends the party and meets a dude that is obsessed with Shoshanna, which really pisses him off. He tries to talk to her, telling all about his new job, but then realizes that it’s useless and gives her some bull shit excuse about how he doesn’t even want to be friends with her. Yeah right, dude. While he is watching the club band play, Caroline tries to hit on him and get him to dance, but when he refuses she bites him on the arm. Hannah’s editor shows up to the party, takes her phone, downloads Grindr, and changes the music from The Smashing Pumpkins to LMFAO. Ray is especially pissed about this and the two get into a fight.

After the party, Adam gives Hannah the most odd, yet perfectly sentimental gift in the form of his tooth on a necklace. What are we even going to do about these two kids? “It’s definitely my genetic material!” he says. Hannah is so won over by this that they make out all the way home and start having sex on the kitchen table before Hannah declares that she needs to go pee and runs to the restroom. She opens the door to find Caroline, wearing nothing below the waste but the most epic chick bush ever. God bless Gaby Hoffman. She is so upset that she shatters a glass in her hand and watches Adam freak out as he pulls the glass from her bleeding hand and wrist. Can anyone say, psychopath?

Adam tells Hannah, ‘I told you so’ before the two go to bed without the sex.

It seems like their relationship might survive. What did you think of this episode? Who annoys you more, Marnie or Caroline? Let us know in the comments below!