Ginnifer Goodwin Covers Up Her Baby Bump, Shares A Kiss With Josh Dallas On The Set Of ‘Once Upon A Time’

Colin Is A Sexy Hook
Colin O'Donoghue makes Captain Hook super hot.
There is nothing quite as cute as co-stars who are couple on screen and off. Especially when those co-stars are expecting a baby!

Today we got a look at just such a couple when Ginnifer Goodwin and her baby daddy/fiance Josh Dallas were spotted on the set of their hit show, Once Upon A Time. Before we do anything else, please allow me to swoon over Josh in that cape. Men in coats and men in capes=my weakness.

I’m sure that Ginnifer didn’t mind giving Josh a kiss for the cameras. 

I wonder how that dynamic works on set. Like, if they’re fighting and they have to do kissing scenes, is it weird? I have so many questions! But mostly, they’re really cute together, so that’s all that matters. Too bad Colin O’Donoghuewasn’t with them. Mmm, Colin.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of the couple on set. I can’t wait to see Ginnifer when her baby bump is bigger. Also, how cute is that baby going to be?!