‘Gimme More,’ Britney? Gimme Less Of Don Philip Is More Like It!

“I saw her face and I feel like I’ve hurt her!”

You’ve got that right, Mr. Don Philip. You’ve not only hurt Britney Spears but you’re reputation (or what is still left of it) as well. And more importantly our ears, with a sad rendition of Beyonce’s, “Halo.”

For the jaded American audience, most are not easily fazed by bad talent, after all there can only be so many William Hungs in the world. However, this moment gave a whole new meaning to the term awkward silence, with an emphasis on wishing he would have just stayed silent.

After an extremely uncomfortable reunion with the pristine princess of pop, the 32-year-old vocal coach, who had worked with Britney 10 years prior, had a hard time hearing the big N-O by the judges. While his claim to fame started on Spears’ duet, “I Will Still Love You,” featured on her 1999 debut album, you would think a predecessor of the superstar would be up to par with credentials; this sadly was not the case.

As much fun as it is to watch people succeed in these singing competitions (i.e. Carrie Underwood or Kelly Clarkson), it may be even more amusing to watch them flounder. While taking pleasure in other people’s embarrassment may sound a tad sadistic, apparently this notion withstands the test of time, evident in the overwhelming amount of viewers that tune in to watch the hilarity of botched auditions.