Gillian Anderson Took Some Cheesy Photos

And I don’t care. Every homo has a switch list, and she’s on mine. Gillian Anderson is so fine. She’s fine as wine. She’ll make you smack your mama. J. Harvey was a huge X-Files fan (until Fox Mulder left) and he’s very excited about the new flick. Though, Scully with long hair is kind of weird.

Gillian Anderson is a deep chick and she recently gave an interview in which she talked about playing Dana Scully six year laters in the sequel to the X-Files movie and how she gets along with David Duchovny.

“There was always this love/hate – hate is too big of a word – but there was always something. It was a natural relationship over a period of time. Now we’ve grown up and we’re older, we’re more appreciative of the relationship period and the unique experience we had together and have an opportunity to continue that and foster it. We’ve always loved each other and we’re always going to be a battle sometimes,” she says. That translates as “I hate that bitch, but they offered me some nice cash to come back.”

Anderson also says that she would never have watched The X-Files on television, as she’s not into that TV. Don’t turn your nose up at what gifted you with a career, Red.

You know I’m a ‘mo when I’m looking at these photos and wishing they had a totally different photographer and stylist. Straight guys could care less about that stuff. Maxim could run badly lit Polaroids, and the pages will still eventually be stuck together. That might even make it sexier for their readers.

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