Gilles Marini Wants To Make Every Month In 2010 Sexy

July 22nd, 2009 // Leave a Comment

Former professional soccer player and Dancing With the Stars contestant Gilles Marini is again stripping down to nearly nothing for his 2010 calendar, photos taken by Fred Goudon.

The star of the Sex and The City movie has clearly never been camera-shy, having been photographed nude in the past and these new images by photographer Fred Goudon do not disappoint.

In addition, Marini also recently posed for a photoshoot for Playboy magazine. However, he’s posing for a fashion spread and will, sadly be fully-clothed. But while you’re flipping through the pages, you can always be sure to have this calendar tacked to the wall. It’s sort of like having X-ray vision.

Gallery Info: Gilles Marini
poses for his 2010 calendar.

By Lisa Timmons

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