Gilles Marini Loses His Sex Appeal

OK Sex and the City fans, take a deep breath to calm yourselves before you read the following. E! Online has confirmed that super sexy Frenchman Gilles Marini won’t be returning as Samantha Jones’ neighbor in the sequel to the Sex and the City movie.

I didn’t even really enjoy the Sex and the City movie and I am saddened by this news. He’s just so beautiful, how could they not want him again? He was always talking about how much he’d love to come back. Michael Patrick King, the writer and director of the film, sent him congratulatory text messages and even came to one of his performances during his stint on Dancing With the Stars.

During all that, Gilles was just trying to show off his sexiness so Michael would cast him again. He told E! about doing the paso doble shirtless with partner Cheryl Burke, “I said, ‘Cheryl, I’m talking my shirt off. I want to show Michael I’m still in shape.’ I know he is writing beautiful things lately, and maybe he could put me in one of his projects.”

But don’t feel too bad for Gilles. Currently the uber sexy French star is shooting a guest spot on Brothers & Sisters and will also show up on Nip/Tuck as the bad-boy husband of Vanessa Redgrave’s character. By the way, for my birthday I would like someone to get me this. Since I won’t be able to enjoy Gilles in the Sex and the City sequel, I feel like this is the next best thing.

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