Giant Rubber Duck Rolls Into Taiwan City, Just Because

September 19th, 2013 // Leave a Comment

Today, Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman‘s massive rubber duck arrived in Kaohsiung City, Tawain.  Why?  Just to make people happy, you cynical jerk.

Hofman created the duck in 2007 to brighten everyone’s day.

It keeps on smiling to you, you know. It says, ‘don’t you worry, laugh, be happy!’” Hofman said, according to ABC News. “This big rubber duck in your harbor, in Kaohsiung in this case, changes Kaohsiung. And it changes also your fantasy and your brain. And it’s a piece of art.”

Mr. Rubber Duck made an appearance in Hong Kong four months ago, an equally successful trip for the beloved bath toy.

Great Britain put on something equally as jolly in 2012 when gambling website send rubber duck down the Thames River.

The message was more or less the same: Cheer people up with something adorable.

“No-one could suppress a smile as they saw it sailing past,” actress Barbara Windsor said of the stunt.

Hofman claims that the duck has “healing properties,” which is actually true.  I feel friggin’ happy whenever I see that giant duck.  The girls in yellow balloons are kind of weirding me out, though.

By Kelly Lynch

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