Ryan by far is the strength of this group and for a young man has wisdom beyond his years. I am so impressed with his loyalty and concern for his friends and his selfless giving of himself. I would be very grateful and full of appreciation for a friend like him.

  2. Andy
    Commented on this photo:

    ryan….im sorry….ive never known girls like you…but damn…you are soooo…amazing…and i will back you up girl…i dont care who it is….you just wait….we will wait….this queen has your faithful back

  3. Steve

    Ryan is the Iago of the group. He is extremely manipulative, conceiving and very very cruel. To top it all off, he looks like porky pig – so (like most of them) has absolutely no business being on the show. Its shocking he is such a compulsive liar and so fake and the others just fall for it. Perhaps he pays for everything….he must, or he’d have no friends. Nobody here in NYC knows this clown. F-list!

  4. Steve

    for those not familiar with ‘Iago’ – google ‘Othello’

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