How To Get Your Boyfriend To Play Football With You

I guess if you’re a straight male then likely two of your favorite things are coming to Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum tonight, and I don’t mean beer and skull crushing (I think). Something called the Lingerie Football League takes themselves seriously enough to have a season finale. Is this really what it takes to get people to watch women’s sports?

There are 10 teams including the New York Majesty, Chicago Bliss, and Philadelphia Passion that I really hope have an indoor stadium.  The Los Angeles Temptation will play the San Diego Seduction Friday for the chance to go to Miami, Florida for the Playoffs and then possibly the Lingerie Bowl VII (where was I for I-VI?) which will air at the time of the real Superbowl’s half time show.  Not during, mind you, but in direct competition to CBS’s family friendly half time Who performance. I’m pretty sure the uniforms would be too much of a wardrobe malfunction for the major Network. 

Here’s the fierce Temptation team posing for a preview yesterday and look they have just enough room for numbers.  I could easily see a celeb team jumping on board with Shauna Sand, Dita Von Teese, Jordan, Coco, Amber Rose, and Melanie B.