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June 15th, 2010 // 8 Comments

For those of you who think the cable summer schedule is just another reason to detach yourself from the couch for a few months (except for Mad Men of course, every fiber of my being is anxiously awaiting the return of Jon Hamm (sigh) and the gang), along comes the summer’s other must-watch series (and what’s sure to be the season’s favorite guilty pleasure), RuPaul’s Drag U!

Yes, America’s favorite drag superstar, RuPaul, still sporting that awful mustache as part of his “boy drag”, has assembled your favorite queens from seasons one and two of the wildly successful Logo series RuPaul’s Drag Race to use their Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent to transform real women from frumpy to fierce – under the guidance of “Dean of Drag” Lady Bunny. Each week, three women will allow the most gorgeous queens in all the land to work their magic – and find the inner drag queen that resides in all of us. From their arrival on campus to “Draguation Day”, I’ll be bringing you the highlights all season! So let’s bid a hearty “Hello, hello, hello!” to our drag professors (and check out a video sneak peek after the jump!):

From Season One of RuPaul’s Drag Race

Nina FlowersTwitter/Facebook This tattooed, sassy and sexy Puerto Rican was pretty much robbed of the title of “America’s Next Drag Superstar” on season one (don’t get me wrong, I loved Bebe CAMAROOOOON!, but Nina was unforgettable.) This loca was a fan favorite, winning the title of Miss Congeniality at the reunion show. 

Ongina:                                                                                                                      Website/Twitter/Facebook Ongina provided the most heart-wrenching moment of season one when he tearfully admitted that he was living with HIV during the MAC Viva Glam commercial challenge. Sweet, petite, and never far from an adorable hat, this gender-bending queen not only won our hearts, she also won the award for Most Addictive Reality Star at Logo’s 2009 New Now Next Awards.

Tammie Brown:Website/Facebook                                                                                                                 

Tammie, with her retro Tallulah/Bette/Joan vibe, was a definite standout. Sadly, she wasn’t into “lip syncing for her life” to contemporary music (in this case, guest judge Michelle Williams‘ song “We Break the Dawn”) and was eliminated far too early, leaving after the second episode. 


Everyone’s favorite Las Vegas showgirl brought the glamour of Sin City to the drag stage. Nothing could stop her – including losing her elaborate headdress while memorably lip-syncing “The Greatest Love of All”. Shannel shares the secrets of her perfection not only with the “Drag U” students, but with you at-home wannabe queens as well with a new makeup tutorial DVD – pick up your own at

From Season Two of RuPaul’s Drag Race

Pandora Boxx:Website/Twitter/FacebookWhether she’s doing a spot-on Carol Channing, promoting her work for Broadway Actors Against Scurvy on the “Snatch Game” or getting (unfairly) criticized by judge Santino Rice, everyone was sad to see Pandora go – but she did win the audience-bestowed title of Miss Congeniality during the reunion episode.

Jujubee:Website/Twitter/Facebook Giving shade like no other, this Boston-based gay-sha did a mean Kimora Lee impersonation and made it to the final three. Juju is nominated for this year’s Most Addictive Reality Star award in Logo’s New Now Next Awards, and is up against almost-but-not-quite drag queen Johnny Weir, one of the not-Kim Kardashians and Snooki (if she wins, I may have to re-evaluate my relationship with Logo!)


Arguably the sexiest man to ever tuck and don a dress, Raven came off a little cold at the beginning but soon won us over and ended up as the season two runner-up (but should have won over “The Other Tyra” Sanchez). From her adorable “child bride” look in the wedding challenge to her Barbara Streisand in A Star is Born drag, Raven proved to be one multi-facteted jewel. Any queen who can convert Berlin lead singer Terri Nunn to reveal her lesbian tendencies is alright in my book!

Morgan McMichaels:                                                                                  


Every good drag queen knows it’s all about the attitude, and Morgan has got ‘tude to spare. Doing perhaps the best lip-sync of the season to Stacey Q’s 80s classic “Two of Hearts” and looking pink-ier than P!nk on the “Snatch Game” episode, Morgan may be best known for getting into a screaming match with Miss “Two Piece and a Biscuit” herself, Mystique, during the first episode of Untucked.

Now that you know the players, let’s check out the game in this sneak peek of Drag U which premieres Monday, July 19th on Logo!

By Christine Fitzgerald

  1. Kari Cosrello

    I want to be on your show. I lost my husband and daughter to HIV and my Mormon family has not spoken to me in 10 years. I am a strong, beautiful surviver , I just need a little help bringing it out of me;) I LOVE Ru and the girls…I have seen all that you have done for other women like me and I want more than anything to be beautiful and know it. I have pictures if you would like to see me. I have long grey hair and big tits…and plenty of attitude. How can I get onto your show? I do have quite the back story but I don’t feel sorry for myself …I just want to bring out my inner diva and shine!


  2. Kari Cosrello

    I want to be on your show. I have survived HIV and the death of my husband and daughter. My Mormon family has not spoken to me in 10 years…they think I am an abomination. I am. Caregiver and have spent my life taking care of others less fortunate . I know I am beautiful…I just need help bringing it out. I frump around in sweats and shirts…I don’t own a dress …I have big beautiful tits and I never like to show them DDD. !!!, I have long greyish hair and I know thar doesn’t matter..I would love to be on your show!!…Ihave quite the back story and mostly I just want to be pretty and empowered;) I have never been on TV and it would be fun …what do I need to do to be on your show? Love, Kari

  3. jake

    I love this show!!! As a 21 year old male it has made me feel more confident and proud to be comfortable and happy with who I am. I’m writing this comment because when ever I watch this show I see my mum in everyone of those women. She’s worked hard her whole life and has always been a mother first. Her husband has cheated on her and left her a broken woman that feels alone in the world. She deserves to see that she is still that young beautiful woman that has the confidence inside your still. She just needs help from the queens of fierce to light that spark again :D

  4. Lanie

    I would love to be on your show!! I’m a girl who is lost in her own skin. I always hide behind the ‘Men’s’ section of the clothes and i’m finally sick of it! I want the inner Girl to come out, I want to see the real me. I feel she is in there locked away and I won’t let her out. I don’t want to be on this show to win all the cool and beautiful things. I want to be me. It would mean the world to me to be free and happy again! <3

  5. Kerri

    I would love to be on your show. Not only have I been a tom boy all my life but I have been fighing my way in trying, (but not succeeding), to be a girl for once in my life. I work in Scrubs and I do not think I get out of pajamas ever. I would love to learn how to be a girl from all the girls in Drag U. I have a hard time accepting myself since I grew up with such a low confindence. Too me it was easier to hide behind boy clothes instead of showing off my body, I am not proud of what I look like and I would like to get what all the other girls have.

  6. Hailey Weaver

    Dear Drag U,
    Its Hailey here and I’m looking for something to make me feel FABULOUS!! My personality is very strong. I am like a loud BAM! in a quiet room. Unfortunately, i don’t think i know exactly how to show it after being in a long term relation ship. I am still in this relationship. I just want to show my man that i can still be that pretty, HOT and gorgeous

  7. Sydney White

    I really wish I could be on the show. I’ve been told I’m a pretty girl, but I’m so socially awkward and shy that I can’t even make friends. :( I really want and need to come out of my shell and find my voice. I also would love to meet you and Pandora Boxx more than just about any other celebrity.

  8. Dear Rupaul ,
    I would truly enjoy being a contestant on Drag U, it’s only may and I have lost my Mother who was not only my Mom but my best friend to a massive heart attack . It was sudden and there were no goodbyes. I miss her more than anyone knows or understands. And on top of that I lost my job I was looking after one of the oldest airplane pilots in the world , i was very fond of him and I took care of him for almost two years , needless to say I got very attached to him , and he passed away to weeks after Momma did. So here I am asking you to help bring this mother of two back to life.

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