Get To Know The Many Characters Of ‘Breaking Bad’

Aaron Paul in GQ
The hottest 'Breaking Bad' character sits down with GQ.
Breaking Bad first aired in 2008 and the fifth season is currently on AMC, but many people have still not joined the cult following. The show follows a drug dealing high school chemistry teacher, which at first glance might sound like a crappy concept, but it is actually a fascinating story about what someone will do for their own livelihood or that of their family. It shows what normal people are capable of when the circumstances demand it.

The story and cast are phenomenal with all of the characters being so multidimensional the storyline becomes mysterious and unpredictable. Truly impressive individual acting skills are showcased in this series, and most of the cast have been recognized by the television community for years. Just this past week the show was just nominated for multiple Emmy Awards including Best Drama Series, Bryan Cranston for Best Actor in a Drama Series, Aaron Paul and Giancarlo Esposito for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series and Anna Gunn for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series.

So if you haven’t checked the show out yet, take a look at the characters and allow yourself to become enthralled in the story that has yet to disappoint even after four seasons, with the current season out being the most talked about yet.