Get Ready To Cry: This Waitress Gets The Best Shift Ever

Have you ever had idea to “prank it forward?” As in totally prank and catch a person off-guard, but have it basically be the best thing ever?

Well the folks at Break thought that’d be an interesting concept and decided to test it out on waitress Chelsea Roff by giving her the best shift ever.

They were inspired to prank Chelsea who cares for her little sister, works hard as a waitress at Spring St. Smoke House in L.A. and runs her own non-profit yoga studio to help those recovering from eating disorders–something she struggled with in the past. 

They set it up by giving Chelsea five different “tips” ranging from money to a car. All of it is lovely and wonderful and seems very much deserved. Make sure to pass the video along as for for every 1,000 views it gets, Break will donate $1 to

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