Get Ready To Be Sad: Robert Pattinson Is Definitely Dating Imogen Kerr

Unlikely Duo
Robert Pattinson makes an unlikely friend on the 'Life' set.
Well, not sad for Robert Pattinson, sad for the rest of us that he’s taken.

Rumors have been swirling for quite some time that Robert was cozying up to Imogen Kerr, but other than these photos of the two of them hanging out, we really didn’t have much proof.

But now The Telegraph has basically confirmed it. In a recent interview with Robert, they wrote, “He is currently dating model Imogen Kerr although he politely declines to talk about his romantic life.” 

Technically, Rob didn’t say it, but keep in mind that this is The Telegraph we’re talking about. It’s not one of those crazy tabloids–it’s a real, reputable outlet. So you have to assume they wouldn’t print something like that so casually unless they knew it was true, right? It doesn’t really specify if Rob told them, or if they got it from gossip sources, but the important part is that it says it.

You guys, my heart can’t handle all of this. First Benedict Cumberbatch is taken and now Rob? Luckily there was no insensitive quote in The Telegraph telling the Rob fans to “move on.” I’m looking at you, lady who told us of Benedict’s girlfriend.

Honestly, I am happy for Rob, especially if Imogen makes him happy. So, here’s the important question: do we believe The Telegraph? Guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. What do you think of the news? Real? Made up? Who cares? Sound off in the comments below!