Get Ready For A New Season Of ‘Flipping Out’ [VIDEO]

SL Talks To Jenni Pulos
The 'Flipping Out' star is a riot.
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Goreski at the 2011 Upfronts In California
The sixth season of Bravo’s Flipping Out returns September 4th at 9:00pm ET/PT, and Jeff Lewis is still a massive pain in the ass.  Lewis decides center his business more on interior design than house flipping, but he’s still supergood at making his staff miserable.

Lewis and his partner, Gage Edward, bought a home with the intention of settling down and starting a family.  Things go sour when  their dream home suffers through delays and added costs.

Meanwhile, Jenni Pulos’ boyfriend, Dr. Jonathan Nassos, asks her to marr him, putting Jenni between a rock and a hard place.  Do you really think Lewis is going to make his assistant’s life easier since she’s planning a destination wedding in Chicago? 

Also, I think I saw Zoila getting lippy in the video.

Are you a fan of Flipping Out?  We want to know why you love the Bravo hit so much.