Get It Together, Bieber! Justin Bieber Spits At People Again, Attends Selena Gomez’s Birthday Bash

July 28th, 2013 // 3 Comments
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What in the world has happened to the Biebs?!

Justin Bieber allegedly spit at fans from his Toronto hotel balcony on July 25th.

Bieber has been in the spotlight for bad boy behavior recently as he was accused of spitting at a DJ, peeing in a mop bucket and disrespecting the one and only Bill Clinton.

To top it off, he and Selena Gomez have been giving us all whiplash. 

Biebs showed up to Selena’s gypsy-themed birthday party in Malibu party on July 27, 2013 in his silly (very silly) leopard print car, carrying a rose.

According to Hollywood Life the two left in Beibers car. Let’s just state the obvious, birthday sex.

The world can’t handle this! Maybe Miley Cyrus can give the possibly-maybe-couple some advice!

Check out the gallery to see Biebs spitting in action and his ridiculous car at Gomez’s birthday party.



  1. JanuaryShytown

    Think u guys including the dumb blog writers need 2 stop being such Lame azzholes! Get a Grip! Yes it was stupid. Young guys do stupid things. But u people are just as stupid 2 believe everything u read. When u ever seen anyone spit w/such rod straight precision. Spit from the mouth looks like a gob. Look at the pic closely. His reported spit is Pin Rod Straight! Looks like some type of Q-tip or a prankster gadget he has in his mouth looking like spit. U people seriously need 2 get a Grip!

  2. Commented on this photo:

    How does HIS MOM MRS. B. feel about her famous son and his actions? Poor Lady.

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