Get Fired Up For ‘Geordie Shore’ [VIDEO]

Oh, hurrah.  MTV U.K. decided that there’s plenty of room for more ass hats.  Ladies and gentlegerms, please meet the cast of Geordie Shore.  They bear a striking resemblance to our Jersey Shore vermin because A) They dress like tri-state tragedies B) We can’t understand a word they say.

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Meet Jay, Greg, James, Gary, Charlotte, Holly, Vicky and Sophie.  They may appear all British and intriguing at first glance, but beware.  Once these peeps open their mouths, you’re lost.  Too late.  You want to see what the hussie in the Union Jack tube top is going to do next.  The Daily Mail quotes Charlotte as saying, “Girls call me a slut, ex-boyfriends call me a psycho and my Mum calls me an idiot.”  Excellent!

We’re going to need your help in matching Geordie’s personalities to Jersey’s.  Head over to our Facebook page and work your magic.  I think Holly is supposed to be like JWOWW.  Gary keeps pulling up his shirt to show his stomach, so he’s probably like “The Situation.”  The rest needs clarification.
Check out the trailer for Geordie Shore after the jump.  The reality show will premiere tomorrow night in the U.K., putting the spotlight on the town of Newcastle.