Get Excited Everybody! Because Chace Crawford Is Officially Single

Chace Crawford's Bum
It will hypnotize you.
Throw your hands in the air to celebrate, because Chace Crawford has confirmed that he is officially back on the market!

The former Gossip Girl star revealed on The Kyle and Jackie O Show in Sydney, Australia this morning that he and model girlfriend Rachelle Goulding have ended their relationship. The radio folks asked him flat out, “Are you still dating that Canadian model, the hot chick?”

And instead of dancing around the answer, Chace responded, “‘Ah, no, I’m not, I’m not.” Luckily it sounds like an amicable split. 

“It’s totally good, it’s totally good. We had fun.” We didn’t see too much of Chace with Rachelle, but when we did see them together it was pretty adorable. So, who wants to claim him now? But be warned, he’s a busy guy. “You know what I am traveling too much right now. I am just trying to move in (to Los Angeles) right now, I have a couple of independent films, right now.”

Sure Chace, you stay busy. Fun fact: he is even prettier in person than he is in pictures. I saw him long ago when I worked the Teen Choice Awards red carpet for Socialite Life as an intern, and both he and Ed Westwick were ridiculously gorgeous.

Well Chace, hope you’re doing well in LA. Also, if you and Ed could hang out together and bring back some of that Gossip Girl bromance, that’d be fun for me. Think the star will remain single for long? Let’s speculate about the random celebs he can rebound with. My pick? Selena Gomez. Go!