Get A Room, Sharon Stone [PHOTOS]

It’s so wonderful to find love, and we encourage all those smitten kittens out there to roll around with their beloved.  In private.  Where you don’t make other people feel uncomfortable.

Sharon Stone didn’t get the memo, nor did she bother to wear a proper pair of pants on her trip to Venice Beach with a toddler yesterday (May 29th).  Odds are this infant is a yoga instructor, because he was sitting on/bending/pulling at Stone for a good while until it was time to roll around in the sand.

One supposes Stone needs such a distraction, given that her former nanny, Erlinda Elemen is suing the actress for hating on Filipinos and attempting to take back the overtime she paid Elemen.

According to TMZ, Stone “berated” Elemen’s religion, wouldn’t let her read the bible in her room (within Stone’s home), and prevented Elemen from speaking to her kids because she didn’t want them to “talk like” her.

After Elemen brought up the overtime, Stone allegedly talked down to her in front of others, then fired her in February 2011.