German Soccer Player Mario Gotze Seems to Like Flashing His Man Bits

David Beckham In His Undies!
David Beckham is another soccer star who loves to strip down!
Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few days, you should know who Mario Gotze is.  Especially now.

Not because he was on the winning team of the World Cup, or because he scored Germany’s winning goal in the finals.  It’s really because he loves to expose more of himself then we ever needed to see. Mario seems to love showing off his, uh, man bits whenever those pesky cameras are around.

In these latest pics Mario is taking a much needed vacation in Ibiza with his model girlfriend Ann-Katherin Brommel.  The yacht looks pretty private considering he’s running around in his underwear.  I mean really? Put some swim trunks on.

If he had been wearing the appropriate “garments” maybe we wouldn’t have gotten a glimpse of his backside as he was getting out of the ocean!  I love soccer players as much as the next girl, but I really do not need to see that much of them.  Even if he does have a nice ass.

Well, a few years ago the 22-year-old was in a similar situation while yachting in Ibiza.  Only this time he was exposing a WHOLE other side.  Yes, you read that correctly and if you’re really that curious then check out the NSFW photos.

That is trés embarrassing!  Even my face is turning red and for some reason I can’t stop giggling.  Guess he was having a little too much fun with his girlfriend.  We get it you’re “manly”.  And again he’s in his underwear!  Maybe if he put on some damn shorts he wouldn’t have this “problem”.

Launch the gallery to see more of overexposed Mario Gotze!