Geri Halliwell Gets Catty About The Spice Girls

Geri Halliwell did her best impression of a middle school girl during a recent interview when she began ranking the popularity of all the former Spice Girls!

She said Emma was the most popular and she was the second most popular,
with Mel C being third.

“I never thought I was number one, I actually thought I was always number two,” Geri said.

Morgan asked: ‘To who?’ before Halliwell said: ‘To Emma, because I think Emma was much easier to like.”

Geri (pictured at the EMI Brits after-party in London Feb. 16) then said Victoria Beckham was one of the least popular, adding, “she’s like Marmite.” Morgan replied: ‘You either love her or hate her.” Does this mean no Spice Girls musical!!??

Um, it’s time to get over it! And was did she base these assumptions on? Oh, you know, sales of the Spice Girls dolls! Geri, I don’t know if you know this, but those things were damn expensive, and I would have bought every Posh Spice doll if I could have!