Geri Halliwell Sports A Cute Silk Jumper, Will Release An Album Soon

Ignoring for a moment that we can see peds peeking out of her booties, we’d like to admire Geri Halliwell’s silk jumper.  The former Spice Girl took daughter Bluebell to get a haircut at children’s salon Tantrum in London’s Chelsea neighborhood today.  Accompanied by her mother,  Halliwell took time to pose for a pic with a cyclist before heading into the salon.

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Geri told the Mirror last week at the unveiling of her line for UK retailer Next that she’s putting the finishing touches on her forthcoming album.  “The album’s pretty much finished. I’m not sure on dates yet and I won’t tell you what it sounds like, because I’d prefer to let the songs speak for themselves. But it’ll be great to be back where I belong, on stage. It won’t be long,” the singer, whose last single dropped in 2005, said.

We’re still waiting for Jennifer Saunders to finish that Spice Girls musical.   AAaaaany day now, Edina.