Gerard Butler’s ‘Machine Gun Preacher’ Does Well At TIFF

Don’t you love when people love movies? I’m Gerard Butler was more than thrilled when audiences gave his new film Machine Gun Preacher a standing ovation when it premiered the Toronto International Film Festival Sunday night. According to the LA Times, the film has been a “labor of love” for everyone involved.

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The film tells the true story of Sam Childers, a violent ex-con from Pennsylvania who finds Jesus, hates the death of children in the Sudan and opens up an orphanage for them while fighting the men who made them orphans. Well, doesn’t that sound like a nice family film. Audience members were glued to the seats, only rising at the end when Gerard and Childers himself took a bow.

I quite love when actors make movies they love just because they love them. Like, I’m pretty sure that if the rumored remake of Romancing the Stone does happen with Gerard and Katherine Heigl, he won’t be super attached to it. Not saying he won’t do his best, but it won’t be like Machine Gun Preacher.

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Check out the gallery for some great pics of Gerard on the red carpet, looking super sexy and super blonde, as well as Rodrigo Santoro, Michelle MonaghanMichael Shannon and Madeline Carroll. And now, as Mr. Butler himself said when the film ended, “Let’s go get a drink.”