Gerard Butler Sure Plays A Mean Soccer-Ball For Charity

Gerard Butler isn’t just another absurdly pretty face, he also cares about charity. Contact Music reports that Gerard donned a Celtic shirt to face Manchester United in a “‘legends’ charity match at the Parkhead stadium in Glasgow.” Funds raised from the event when to help the drought going on in Africa.  I love it when guys are athletic and charitable.

Although Gerard didn’t score any goals, he was incredibly energetic and even got a standing ovation from the crowd when he was substituted. I could totally imagine him being so entertaining. I mean, the man has won Ischia Actor of the Year twice. I bet he was the most fun person to watch on the field.

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Gerard’s Scottish side eventually won, beating Manchester 5-2. I’m thinking even though he didn’t score any goals he was probably really good at distracting Manchester with his manly charm and stunning field presence, so much so that they were blinded and couldn’t score. Agree?

Funnily enough, Gerard’s next film Playing The Field sees him as a former soccer player who starts to coach his son’s team. The film also stars Dennis Quaid and Jessica Biel. It seems like it could be funny. Either way, I just wanna see Gerard run around the field. Come on, you know you do too.