Gerard Butler Flirts It Up With The Ladies At Coachella [PHOTOS]

Gerard Butler Thumbs Up
Gerard Butler, Looking Thin Arrives At LAX Airport
Oh damn Gerard Butler! You be grindin’ all up on them ladies!

The super sexy Scottish actor was spotted at this weekend’s Coachella Music Festival getting quite cozy with several ladies, all of whom I am certain wanted to get into his bed that night. I mean, who wouldn’t? 

Gerard recently left rehab after going in for prescription drug and cocaine use, no word on whether he used anything at the festival. 

I mean, I don’t think he did? He’s probably in that phase of, “Now I just get naturally high off of life!” Luckily he’s Scottish and not Irish or drinking would have been his real problem. Although, Scottish folk can put away their liquor too, right? I’ve only heard the “Scottish are cheap” stereo type. 

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Gerard cozying up the ladies. Don’t you wish you were one of them?