George Michael’s Wedding Is Off

July 25th, 2006 // 6 Comments

George, George, George…

It seems that George Michael and longtime lover, Kenny Goss, are reassessing the nature of their relationship after the pop star was found in a London park, engaged in some pretty racy activity with a stranger.

Seriously, when isn’t this guy having sex in public with strangers and/or doing drugs? It’s like George believes it’s his sole responsibility to maintain the gay stereotype of non-stop drugs, alcohol and casual sex–only he’s no longer in his 20′s. Sweetie, there are few things sadder than a tired queen running amok. And that would be his faithfully deluded hag.

Let’s not be that guy, k?

George’s ‘wedding is off’ [This is London]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. designer321

    I used to like George Michael so much – now he is just plain gross!

  2. Draya

    Sad watching somebody self-destruct.

  3. HelenSparkles

    He isn’t self-destructing and this story is rubbish, he just lives a life style the media can moralise about easily. Kenny knows all and the wedding isn’t off!

  4. Babybing

    In either case, he certainly is gross.

  5. AutumnDove

    I agree with you Designer321–I used to love George Michael when I was younger. This is such a disappointment.

  6. catherineursula

    You know, I really don’t understand why everyone is so quick to judge. George has demonstrated over 20 years of his extraordinary, refined and tremendous talent, yet so many of us choose to believe what the “rags” have to say. Which one of us is perfect and can claim to be without fault in our respective characters? It would be very interesting to see someone give as much as George has in his lifetime and not become unbalanced, with all the lack of privacy and quick judgment that he has had to endure. I challenge you to step into his shoes, live through the trials, sadness and tribulations that he has had to endure, in the public eye, with harshness throughout for so many years, and come through it all pure and fault free. Impossible. Give this poor soul a break and admire him for being honest and true to himself and to us, the public. Has someone; for example, like Mick Jagger and crew set such a greater example to us with all of their affairs?? Good Lord….Ursula, London, CANADA

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