George Michael Wedding On Again

July 26th, 2006 // 3 Comments

Who do these two think they are, Pam and Tommy Lee?

It looks like the wedding’s back on. According to Daily Mail, George called in to a British daytime talk show to talk about the whole debacle:

He said he and Mr Goss recently celebrated their 10th anniversary and he had given his lover a £1 million present to mark the milestone. “We had a lovely 10th anniversary party and actually my 10th anniversary present to him cost me a million quid so I reckon I should get away with more then…I would actually have to do something he dislikes before the wedding was off.” The News Of The World reported that Michael was caught kissing and groping van driver Norman Kirtland. The pop star admitted he had no idea who the man was but insisted he was not ashamed of his actions. “There can’t be shame in a situation unless the person is ashamed and I’m certainly not that,” he said. He said it was sad that words like “depravity” and “shame” were used by the media in relation to cruising. “I think it’s deeply and ethically wrong that young people can be exposed to that kind of language,” he said.

Dude, nobody’s expecting you to wear white to your wedding. But I don’t understand what kind of Woodstock, hippie, free-love world he’s living in where things like STD’s and hurt feelings don’t exist. And why does he seem to be the only one in the relationship caught with his pants down?

Did I miss something? Is George Michael really a cult leader?

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Ashley

    George Michael talking about ethics. Now there’s a laugh. gimmeabreak

    His Boyfriend should dump him, must be a gold digger.

  2. 2 Old 4 This

    I was thinking the same thing – why else put up with his nonesense?

    car crashes, sleeping in his car, public sex with strangers….

    it would be one thing if he weren’t famous, they could deal with their relationship privately & nobody would care – but it all gets played out in the press and that adds an extra dash of humiliation to it.

    “yep! That’s my honey!”

    Anybody know what Mr. Goss does for a living?

  3. Larilee

    He was a very successful salesman, and now he owns a gallery. He is supposedly a millionaire in his own right. Not sure how true it is.

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