George Michael Has No Interest in Getting off The Pot

Despite his tendency to expose his wiener at the drop of a hat, he at least isn’t delusional about his behavior. George Michael said that although he realizes that he hasn’t exactly been making the best choices as of late involving his irresponsible use of controlled substances, he still believes that it’s silly that marijunana hasn’t been legalized. He spilled his guts recently on a British talk show, set to air this weekend, about everything from drugs, sex to his various brushes with the law and the media.

“Ultimately I didn’t break the law. I did something stupid, and doing something irresponsible is not a position that I am normally used to defending myself in.”

George said much of his behaviour had been caused by the death of his mother Lesley in 1997.

“I know I have a very self-destructive tendency since my mother died, I have got to be honest. That has kind of made itself clear in other ways,” he said.

However, don’t expect George to be apologizin’ for his sexual escapades, for which he’s not only been in trouble with the police, but which have also resulted in some splashy tabloid headlines.

“Believe me, I think that the sex I have is worth being in the paper for,” he told the chat show host.

He should have also taken that opportunity to point out that he’s at least not getting caught chaining people up in his bedroom. Cause if that’s what he’s doing, at least he’s smart enough not to let them escape.