George Michael Checks Himself Into Rehab

Daily Mail is reporting that George Michael has recently finished a 14 day detox program and will be checking himself into drug rehab. A few months ago, Michael was in big trouble after he slovenly slammed into a store front window, then admitted he was high on drugs.

In the past Michael has blamed his behavior on ‘personal problems’ which had ‘clearly got
the better’ of him – and admitted that ‘pride’ was the reason he hadn’t been able to seek help.

In an open letter written to his fans, Michael said, “I want to thank you all sincerely, and also to reassure those of you who
worry so much for me. I fully appreciate the seriousness of my current
situation, for which I truly apologize.”

“‘But I feel you should know that on the day after the incident I checked
in to a clinic for a 14-day detox program here in London, which has
been followed by ongoing outpatient drug counseling several times a

Pictured here, George Michael arrives at Highbury Magistrates’ Court on charges of Drug Driving on August 24th in London, England. Let’s hope this latest stint in rehab will help the pop star get back on his feet.