George Michael To Halt His Search For Anonymous Sex In Public Areas Long Enough To Write A Book

I would read this one in a heartbeat. Word is that George Michael is planning on writing a tell-all book. Hot. I hope he tells about what it was like being gay in WHAM! And being gay in the restroom in a Los Angeles park! And gay in the bushes in a park in London! And gay behind the wheel, passed out high at an intersection! He’s lived! And gone through a lot of weed and personal lubricant! And refuses to get an HIV test, which is kinda dumb but interesting. He has signed a “multimullionpound” deal with HarperCollins to write an “all-access” (fitting) autobiography “entirely himself”. Good, I hate ghost writers. I don’t even want it edited! George Michael has some rad songs, and probably has seen the inside of 75% of the public restrooms here and in the UK! He should call it :Glory Hole: The George Michael Story”! It’s going on my Amazon list and buy “Freedom 90″ off iTunes right this second. The book is reported to come out next fall.

Photos: WENN