George Michael is Frank

George Michael is one busy dude these days. However, in between his numerous court dates and sold-out concerts, he recently found time to give an in-depth interview. In his latest confessional, he very openly and thoroughly delves into the issues of his homosexuality he faced as he matured from a boy into adulthood under the microscope of public scrutiny.

“I wanted to come out but I didn’t realise how successful we were going to be. I think that’s understandable. I was nearly 20 and we were the biggest band in Europe, and within two years the biggest pop band in America.”

“If your goal is to become the biggest-selling artist in America you’re not going to make life difficult for yourself, are you?”

He also discussed his lack of attraction toward his Wham! bandmate, Andrew Ridgeley.

“He was beautiful but not in a way that was going to attract me. He was too pretty, too feminine, too elegant.”

I love that George and I clearly have a similar taste in men. Hmm, maybe I’ll offer to be his DD one of these days, so we can talk about how we are suspicious of guys whose eyebrows are more fastidiously groomed than ours. And so he won’t get arrested.