George Clooney Wipes Out

George Clooney and his lady friend were in a motorcycle accident in New Jersey on Friday. It was kind of painful, he suffered some broken ribs and his girlfriend Sarah Larson broke her foot. You’re never going to see me on a motorcyle, unless Scott Caan or Joey Fatone are driving. And even then I will only be in a sidecar. With an airbag. And a popemobile type plexiglass shield all around me to save me from harm. Seriously – you fall off those things at high speed and it hurts.

Clooney, 46, and his companion, Sarah Larson, were treated for their injuries at the Palisades Medical Center, across the Hudson River from Manhattan, and were released, spokesman Stan Rosenfield said.

“He was treated for a hairline fracture of a rib and road rash,” he said. Larson, who was a passenger on the motorcycle driven by Clooney, suffered a broken foot. Both were wearing helmets.

Rosenfield told Reuters the accident occurred when a motorist signalled a left-hand turn, but turned right and struck Clooney’s motorcycle. The publicist said he did not know whether the driver of the car was cited for the accident.

Clooney and ladyfriend both had helmets on. Clooney’s in town filming “Burn After Reading” with Brad Pitt. Ms. Larson was a contestant on “Fear Factor” and works as a cocktail waitress. Seriously, either a plexiglass compartment in a sidecar or I’m going to wear some kind of huge puffy suit that will allow me to roll and bounce off impact. Road Rash? How much does that hurt? Remember when you were a kid, and it was winter and you were playing outside? And there was no snow yet but it was bitter cold out? And you fell on the sidewalk or street and you scraped your hands up and it stung so bag because of how fast you were going and the cold cement? Now imagine FLYING off a motor sycle at 60 mph and making contact. Owwwwwwwww.